The tourist resort Dobra Voda - ideal place to live!

    Dobra Voda is situated in the south of the Montenegro's coast, in the so-called Bar's Riviera, near the town of Bar (about 7 km). Next to it are also the tourist town of Ulcinj (about 30 minutes), Budva (1 hour), Tivat and Podgorica, where are located Montenegro's airports (one hour and thirty minutes away).

   Dobra Voda - one of ecologically the cleanest places in the Old World, located at the base of mountain Lisinj (1351 m above sea level). The name "Dobra Voda" means "a good, adequate water" - and indeed, in this area, thanks to the rocky shores and gravel bottom, sea water is characterized by high clarity and a pleasant turquoise color. Since the middle of last century, this fabulous place, becmes very popular among those who appreciate the comfort and care of their health. The resort is known for its particularly mild and healthy climate, which is a result of the cutting of mountain and sea air currents. The air is saturated with essential oak oils, which are considered to be extremely beneficial and useful for prophylactic and treatment of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

    Dobra Voda is not just a unique health resort, it is also famous for its beautiful natural scenery, sea water, rocks sprouting directly from the depths of the Adriatic, stone cliffs, caves, ravines, very jagged coastline, and it all leaves a deep impression on everyone who has ever been in this area.

    There are two famous beaches in the resort: Veliki Pijesak and Mali Pijesak, which, moreover, are a nature reserve.
    For lovers of good food, Dobra Voda opens the doors of the famous restaurant XXL, famous for its unusually tasty fish dishes and traditional Montenegro's wine "Vranac."
    Developed infrastructure and good location of the Dobra Voda resort makes it a perfect resort for life and recreation all year round!